Funny Elephant Show in Singapore Zoo.

Funny video about elephants in the zoo of Singapore. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution to as the original author of this beautiful elephant performance video.

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Funny elephants are the largest land-animals that currently exist. The period of pregnancy of elephants is 22 months. The longest pregnancy for any land animal! Baby elephants usually weight 120 kg. More than most adult people. Elephants can live for 82 years. The largest elephant weighed about 11,000 kg. It was 3.96m tall. Small elephants, about the size of a large pig, existed in the island of Crete, a long time ago.

Funny Elephants are classified into two different families: the funny African elephants and the funny Asian elephants. This funny animals have a highly developed muscle, which is good for holding large objects or big food. Funny elephants also have tusks for defense. Elephant tusks can weigh up to 120 kg and have up to 3 m in length. These tusks are funny teeth that are extremely long.

The main feature of the funny elephants is that they have large ears. The main function of these ears is regulation of body temperature. Large ears allow proper cooling of the blood in funny elephants. Many people think that funny elephants are afraid of mice. This is wrong. Funny Elephants have poor vision. They do not like surprises or sudden movements. This is why a mouse makes funny elephants nervous.

Many people believe that there are elephant funerals. Researchers have found many bones of funny elephants in the same area, very close to each other. What did happen is that, funny elephant herds seek water, so that many elephants die near the same location, if no water can be found.

Funny elephants love music and musical therapy. Funny elephants love the music of the violin and the high melodies of flutes. Funny elephants can have two tusks in the upper jaw, or no tusks at all. Dried mud can protect funny elephants against insects and parasites.

Funny elephants are very social animals. They usually form groups of females and calves with an old and experienced female leader. Adult male elephants can be temporarily travel with the herd of females, which have at least one female that is ready to conceive a baby elephant. During this time, the the elephant fights predict the strongest male elephant.

Funny elephant ears have a thick base and very thin ends. Blood of the capillaries transfers heat to the large ears. This creates a mechanism for regulating the heat in the large elephant body. The large surface area allows of the funny elephant ears helps to remove excess heat. Waving of the funny ears increases the cooling process. African funny elephants live in hotter climates than the funny Indian elephants. Elephant hearing is perfect for the low frequency of the elephant language.

Funny elephants recognize themselves in a mirror. Which is a sign of self-awareness. One funny Indian elephant showed that these animals are able to remember and distinguish the many people. Repeated tests showed good results. One observation of the funny Indian elephant has shown its use of the twigs as protection against insects. A good memory of funny elephants indicates their ability to remember their family members for 100 years.

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